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"A Quiet Place Part II" Review

A Quiet Place Part II once again lets John Krasinski illustrate his directorial chops with constructing set pieces. While I bemoan jump scares like every pretentious film nerd, Krasinski's handling of both the sound and camera work give the jump scares actual meaning, and aren't just cheap tricks to keep you awake.

But for all his technical prowess, Krasinski still hasn't found his way with the pen. While I don't normally listen to The Last Jedi haters, they are right in saying that Johnson's film spun it's wheels when it came to progressing the overall story. A Quiet Place Part II is in that same boat as it wastes its opportunity to expand on the universe it so desperately wants to create. No matter how much I appreciated the craft, I couldn't shake the "is this it?" thought throughout.

Milicent Simmonds continues to astound and she deserves much more than what Krasinski can offer her. Cillian Murphy is a nice addition to the cast and Emily Blunt still rocks. This movie does commit the sin of completely wasting Djimon Hounsou in an unintentionally hilarious role.


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