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Celebrate International Podcast Day with these 9 Movie Podcasts

Happy International Podcast Day!

In celebration, I've compiled a list of podcasts that are created/hosted by some of my friends. They all center around movies, but have their unique quirks about them.

Scroll on to read about each one, and start listening to any that fancy your interest!

Reel Chronicles

Reel Chronicles by Reel Talk Inc. is your weekly download for film and TV. We discuss the latest entertainment news, rumors, reviews, top ten lists, and more.

The Top 5 Film Dive

The Top 5 Film Dive is a podcast show, hosted by Kurt Morrison, where he and a guest explore what's happening that week in the world of Film! New Releases, Box Office Predictions, News and much more.

The highlight of every episode is The Top 5 Dive - in which a discussion about 5 favorite movies of a topic, year or genre are explored - sharing reasoning, stories, funny anecdotes and even have a friendly debate on the particular choices.

The Infinity Film Podcast

Hosted by Rod and Ben, the Infinity Film Podcast discusses all things movie-related! They share their thoughts on breaking news topics, share personal ranking lists, discuss individual films and blockbuster franchises, talk to guests for different perspectives, and spread their love for cinema!

Film Fanatics

Film Fanatics is your weekly stop for all your movie needs. Gal and Alan talk about movie news, which includes your favorites, such as Marvel, Star Wars, The Wizarding World and so much more! The guys also review classic movies from your childhood and give you some recommendations of what to watch next.

Inside the Cuckoo's Nest

Every week, best friends and cinephiles Alex Helmer, Guy Knoll, and Jake Coffey will bring you commentary on their nutty lives, how they navigate the world of show business, and their overall feelings towards the most random things life has to offer! Do you like movies? Alex, Guy, and Jake are film buffs whose love for movies goes beyond the silver screen! Are you a foodie? Inside the Cuckoos Nest cannot resist discussing their steamy palettes. But most of all, this podcast is simply thee guys who don't take a lick of life seriously and are here to entertain YOU using whatever means necessary!

GoldDerby Horses

Join George, Tristan, Jasmine, Jared, and Brett as they navigate Oscars season; a part of the Anchor podcast network; produced by Toybox'd Productions.

Chop Talk

Chop Talk is a comprehensive look at 80s horror. Every month, Dave, Kurt and Jack break down the hits, misses, and guilty pleasures that defined the decade.

The Guy At The Movies Podcast

The latest movie news, discussion, and more with Joe from Guy At The Movies and Sean from Math Teacher Movies! New episodes every week.

M & K Productions

Hosted by cinephiles Kristin and AJ aka Mac and Ms Filmingo, on this podcast anything can turn into a discussion on film. Whether it be film news, reviews, or questions we stay on it for all of you.

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