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'Cyrano' Review

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February 24, 2022
Hunter Friesen
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The Great Musical War of 2021 has come to an end

With the late-breaking Cyrano being the last extension of this trend

The famed wordsmith's tale of forbidden love

Has been told so many times before that it is as worn as an old glove

Between José Ferrer, Gérard Depardieu and Kevin Kline on the stage and the screen

Many have given performances of the character that are oh so fine

Now it is time for Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones fame to take on the role

And give it all, with both heart and soul

You may wonder why I am speaking in rhyme

To that, I say it is to keep my mind as sharp as a dime

Because after writing over seventy reviews for films both small and big

My brain has become brittle and could snap like a twig

But I also speak in rhyme as a way to honor good Cyrano

Who can mold words to his liking as a baker does with dough

So this is a fair warning to all readers who oppose rhymes

As you will want to lock me up for my crimes

Now with that out of the way, let's get on with the review

For a film that has assembled quite the cast and crew

Our story begins in the time of old

When men were told to be soldiers and bold

Cyrano is a man full of charm and wits

Whose only downfall is that he stands as tall as a man when he sits

His lack of stature is what keeps him away from his love, Roxanne

Who’s skin and voice is as soft as a dove

Much to Cyrano’s dismay, Roxanne loves another

His name is Christian, Cyrano’s new army brother

Christian loves Roxanne as well but hasn’t got a tongue

As the words he speaks have the same effect as potent dung

So Cyrano comes up with a plan so that he will act as Christian’s voice

Writing letters to Roxanne, making her rejoice, even if it isn’t by choice

However, this love triangle gets complicated as time goes on

As the snooty Count de Guiche forces Roxanne’s hand in marriage as part of a con

Chrisitan and Cyrano must tell Roxanne the truth of their ruse

Or her forced marriage to the Count will forever give her the blues

Directing this film adaptation of Cyrano is Joe Wright 

Whose past works of Pride & Prejudice and Atonement are an absolute delight

Lately, he’s been in a bit of a rough patch

As Pan and The Woman in the Window failed to hatch

No matter, here is where Wright once again flexes his skill

With imagery captured with the camera with such thrill

Scenes play out in extended takes lasting minutes at a time

Allowing for the sets, costumes, and music to be sublime

“Someone to Say” is my favorite tune of the soundtrack to exist

As it now has a permanent spot in my Spotify playlist 

The technicals and craftsmanship is so wonderful

And so is the cast, made up of actors quite colorful

Dinklage’s charm brings a certain panache

And he should have dived into the Oscar race with a splash

His height may limit his character on the screen

But it’s never stopped him personally from chewing the scene

And while Haley Bennett as Roxanne may not be up to his level

Their chemistry often makes scenes quite the revel

Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Chrisitan brings might

As he aptly plays the knight that cannot write

But surprisingly, it is good Ben Mendelsohn who steals the show

With his face caked in posh makeup, white as snow

Of the musicals that came out this past year

Cyrano places third in the upper-tier

What films are ahead of it you request?

It’s West Side Story and Annette of course, whose set pieces are the best

But even in third place, Cyrano is a treat

So go out, buy a ticket, and save your seat

I’ll be on my way now, making haste to my next story

When it comes to picking my next film, I can do any category

And if you thought this poem came to no amount

My only defense is to say that it is why I studied the art of the account

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